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As one of the  leaders and veterans in the BPM and Low-Code space, we've found that the best way to decide if AgilePoint is the right solution for you is to put it to the test.

We can develop fully working prototypes with AgilePoint in a matter of days, if not hours. Tell us your idea for an app or a HR process you want to improve and we’ll work with you to build a pilot that’s relevant to your situation. Much better than a standard demo or a free trial where you’re left to figure it all out on your own! 

With a free PoC we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Plus, you’ll learn basic navigation while developing your ideas for functionality and integration with other systems.

So please challenge us!  Here's how it works:

1. Complete the form
2. One of our technical consultants will get in touch to discuss what you have in mind
3. We will give you full access to our cloud platform and our consultant will work with you to build your prototype.

Take the first step now! If it turns out you don’t think AgilePoint is for you? We’ll be disappointed but won’t pester you.

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